Psiphon for iOS 2018 – Latest Version For iPhone/iPad

If you are reading this post then we are considering that you are looking for the Psiphon for iOS. The Psiphon is an open source tool that enables you to access all blocked and censored sites. There are several websites that claim to guide you to download the Psiphon for iOS devices or Psiphon for iPhone or Psiphon for iPad—but in actual, there is no mode to download Psiphon for iPhone or Psiphon for iOS devices. Beware of these kinds of blogs or websites otherwise, you’ll get nothing but a waste of time.


Psiphon for iOS 2018 - Latest Version For iPhone/iPad


The Psiphon can easily be downloaded and installed on your Window PC or Android. If you have any of these devices than you can move forward in this post to download this excellent application for your use.  Internet becomes an essential part of our daily routine—it’s not just a mean of communication but also it controls our personal as well as commercial affairs. From modern science to household everything is over the internet. In such a case Psiphon plays a terrific role in securing our surfing or browsing over the internet.

Unfortunately, the Psiphon is not yet available for iOS users—means you can’t download Psiphon for iPhone or Psiphon for iPad, that sounds little disappointing but for your convenience, we are presenting you a step by step guide to download Psiphon for Windows PC and Psiphon for Android.

Psiphon for iOS



Download Psiphon for Android

If you want to get yourself entertained with this application than are some alternatives listed here such as windows and android. Check out the below-listed steps to download

  • Download Psiphon app from Google’s Play Store or from the official website of Psiphon
  • Select the very first option which displays the icon “P” in red color
  • Tap to start the installation process
  • Once the installation is done navigate the file under file manager option

After installation opens the file after allowing permission to your Android device. Now you are able to enjoy unlimited, safe and secure browsing.



Psiphon for Windows PC

In case you want to install Psiphon on PC than there is a way—follow the below-listed steps to install Psiphon for PC.

  • Firstly install an android emulator to run Android apps on your PC—the emulator will enable all android apps to run on your PC
  • Among many other android emulators, the best suggestive is “BlueStacks”.
  • After installing BlueStack download Psiphon on windows PC
  • Open the emulator
  • Go to Google’s Play Store
  • Download Psiphon from Play Store


Features of Psiphon for iOS

Open Psiphon app with the emulator and go online with Psiphon—and start surfing without compromising your privacy.

  • Totally free to download
  • Give access to blocked content
  • Use VPN, SSH, HTTP proxy technologies
  • Known as one of the best alternatives of VPN
  • Psiphon 3 is the best solution for internet censorship
  • Good for both personal and professional use
  • Automatic selection of protocols to provide reliability

We see that you are searching for the guidance for download Psiphon for iOS or Psiphon for iPhone. Psiphon will result in an exceptionally accommodating and supporting the application for you if you are restricted to use certain sites it is possible that they are blocked. Psiphon enables you to get every one of that access because of its open source nature. Psiphon for Apple iPhone is a protected and secure application.


As though now it isn’t available for iOS or iPhone devices, we have mentioned the options for you to enjoy the use of this application. Android applications on iPhone can be downloaded yet it requires certain formalities which are unrealistic with Psiphon at the present time. You may likewise go for the Psiphon options for your iOS device or iPhone or iPad. Psiphon tells you about your surfing history over the web. Psiphon has the ability to unblock all your desired content. Psiphon 3 is the broadly used alternative VPN. You can use this without paying any expense for it.