Apps like Psiphon (Alternatives and Similar Software)

Internet becomes a part of our daily life. It’s emergence in making things as easy as at fingertips. In such a situation the Psiphon is an application or a technique which enable you to access anything over the internet you want. With Psiphon app you can get access to the blocked websites or those which give restricted access to the specific area.

The Psiphon app is a great app which uses SSH and VPN technology. Being a well known trendy app you will see this on the top of the list whenever you search for VPN apps for Android. There is another version available called Psiphon Pro.

Apps like Psiphon (Alternatives and Similar Software)



The Psiphon pro is a premium version that offers you certain advantages over the regular Psiphon app. It is totally ad-free and also prevents you from censorship which means you can move anywhere over the internet you want without any restriction. With Psiphon app the unauthorized access for any website is no longer an issue—in other words, the unauthorized access becomes authorize with this app.

If you are facing some technical issues and unable to install Psiphon on your device then don’t worry we have brought you a solution for such cases. There are many other Psiphon like apps or Psiphon alternatives or you can say Psiphon similar apps available. You should give them a try for at least once for better surfing or browsing experience.

Some Psiphon Alternatives (Apps Like Psiphon)

In this article, we have listed seven best alternatives for Psiphon. You can use them as well to access anything you want if you are unable to get Psiphon APP.

Hotspot Shield


The Hotspot Shield is known as a versatile app that provides you security as well as privacy solutions. It protects your privacy by restricting the all online analytics that tries to steal your sensitive information. You can access all blocked content with this just like Psiphon. It actually creates a Virtual Private Network between your device and internet Gateway. The Hotspot Shield does an important role in protecting your privacy.

Key Features

  • Give access to blocked websites
  • Protects your IP address
  • Give anonymous web surfing
  • Give protection against spy and intruders
  • Web session tracking and security
  • Amazing user interface
  • Block cookies as well
  • Give enhanced web security
  • Automatically secure popular websites and bypasses the unwanted ones

In our daily life, we lot of different activities on the internet such as online banking, online shopping, and in this case the sensitive financial information can’t be compromised

CyberGhost VPN


The second name in the list is CyberGhost VPN. Everyone we need a security of personal data over the internet because there are several system analytics and online intruders that always tries to access it. Generally, we consider the open source or public Wi-Fi as a piece of cake but it can expose our personal data. Several online shopping websites recognize your IP address. To get rid of all these headaches the CyberGhost VPN is a perfect option.

Key Features

  • Hide IP addresses
  • Give Access to blocked or restricted websites
  • Secure online transaction
  • Restrict malicious and unwanted content
  • Amazing interface with advanced selection for users

CyberGhost VPN is quite simple to use. The CyberGhost goes through a complex algorithm to figure out where to send the user for stream services, that many other VPNs unable to do. The cyberGhost VPN also give subscription services and you can also use it for free.



The Zenmate is the third name in alternatives list. It provides the simplest way to stay secure and anonymously online while surfing for your desired content over the internet. The Zenmate encrypts the traffic and hides the IP—so, you can surf on the internet as incognito. The Zenmate not only encrypts the online traffic but it also routes your traffic to another country through a proxy. It not only protects you but it also enables to access the desired content that is restricted in your area. Zenmate compresses data at amazingly fast speed. If you own services like Netflix and Hulu outside the USA than the Zenmate is best for you.

Key Features

  • Makes online traffic secure by encrypting it
  • Anonymous surfing
  • Offers virtual locations
  • Fastest VPN app
  • Smart price function—give recommendations on where the user can get the best price
  • Easy to use
  • Total privacy and security
  • A quite easy setup
  • Effective proxy switcher

All available servers of Zenmate offer unlimited Bandwidth and amazingly fast speed. Another amazing feature is that you can keep yourself protected on multiple devices as well. The Zenmate VPN can be used up to 5 devices

Avast SecureLine VPN


The Avast SecureLine VPN encrypts the internet connection by just one click of the button and gives you the best security and online privacy. The Avast SecureLine VPN is a perfect app for freedom seekers. This VPN enables you to enjoy the internet surfing in a way you like. It has thousands of users. The Avast SecureLine is known as Speedy, Firm, Limitless and undefined VPN proxy service. It is known as the best VPN option for Android. It offers access to blocked content, online restricted areas and protects the user on Public Wi-fi and hotspot.

Key Features

  • Fast & Free download
  • Completely virus free
  • Tested and always available
  • A user can switch location any time
  • Dashboard ON/OFF VPN widget
  • Allow private and anonymous browsing
  • Trusted and reliable

The Avast SecureLine VPN has one button activation and quite easy to use. It gets reconnected automatically while switching from data to Wi-Fi, it connects servers up to 22 countries around the globe.

Private Tunnel VPN


The Private Tunnel VPN is basically designed for Android users to give an approach to true internet access, privacy and security that creates VPN (virtual private network). For Private Tunnel VPN no need to root the device. First, you need to register to get its services. After registering you’ll some data for free. Just like other above-listed VPNs this Private Tunnel VPN also enables you to choose the country you want to connect to the internet from anywhere. No doubt the Private Tunnel VPN is good VPN.

Key Features

  • Give secure and protected access
  • Can connect anywhere
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Available on all platform
  • Fully authenticated
  • Seamless browsing experience

Like other above-listed apps, this one is also available for multiple platforms such as Android, Windows XP, and Vista. The Private Tunnel VPN is the latest approach towards true internet security by creating VPN which basically encrypts, privatizes and track your internet traffic.



The TunnelBear is another well-known name among Psiphon alternatives. Being a good VPN app the TunnelBear bring internet privacy to everyone. This VPN is available for all platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac. No need to worry in case you lost your WiFi connection because it has built-in backup ability that blocks all unsecured traffic until everything reconnects safely. This VPN encrypts your data that makes it less detectable by business service providers, internet service providers, and government. The TunnelBear VPN brings you out from the regional restriction box and open all the blocked content.

Key Features

  • Intuitive and simple to use
  • Strongest encryption
  • Fully trusted
  • The nice and excellent user interface
  • Simple to use
  • Appealing and simplest way

You will see all the access tunnels on a guide and to use one you simply need to tap it. Once the tunnel is chosen, any site you attempt to access will trust you are really surfing the region you have chosen.



VyprVPN is the last name in our list today yet it isn’t the least one. VyprVPN is considered as best among other VPNs with its easy to understand user interface. If you need to achieve a private, secure and open internet then VyprVPN is the great alternative to go with. The network specialist of VyprVPN guarantees to build and deal with a worldwide VPN system to give the quickest speed to clients over the world. It is available for all platforms like windows, android or iOS. VyprVPN is the most prominent in the VPN world. The best feature of VyprVPN is operating cent percent without the third party and along these lines offering remarkable online security to ensure your delicate information. It will likewise give some free data at first.

Key Features

  • Enhanced privacy and security for public WiFi
  • Bypasses through restricted networks and censorship
  • Give the best speed and streaming experience
  • Encrypts internet connection
  • Protects online privacy and security
  • Track online activities of the user
  • No third party included
  • Automatic reconnection

The online security of sensitive can’t be compromised. The internet surfing is the biggest threat itself to user privacy—it causes permanent damage to data and device as well. The Psiphon APP is one of the greatest apps that actually developed for user’s security. There are several apps available over the internet but it isn’t necessary that every app will meet your requirements. That is the major reason that let us write this post.

Among above-listed apps, you can make the best choice based on your requirements and privacy.


In this post, we have listed almost all available Psiphon available alternatives. Your search for Psiphon alternatives will end here. The previously mentioned Psiphon options will render relatively comparable administrations having little varieties. With this post, your scan for the option in contrast to Psiphon must be finished. We endeavored to gather the best of the data about these Psiphon options. The above-detailed information about applications will help you a lot. With the availability of different devices such as Android,  for iOS, Windows, and Mac, it is basic that clients have numerous option for Apps like Psiphon.