Psiphon APK Free Download for Android – Latest Version

You are here at this blog it means you are definitely looking for the best VPN that can perfectly work on your window, android and IOS devices. The only VPN to meet your required needs is the Psiphon apk. This is the only right place you will find free Psiphon Pro Apk 2018.

The free and open source censorship for Psiphon has been announced by the developer’s team and recommended for the mobile interface as well for the desktop apps. It is a circumvention tool that uses the latest technology which is the best combination of secure communication and obfuscation technologies. Using the optimistic performance oriented single hop architecture the Psiphon pro is considered as the best app for you. The Psiphon is centrally managed and the geographically diverse network of thousands if proxy servers to provide the best proxy services in the go.


Psiphon APK Download for Android – Latest Version


What actually PsiphonVPN pro is?

Psiphon Beyond Boarders

As stated above the Psiphon is circumvention tools by Psiphon technologies the get you virtually at any part of the world where you wanted to go. This does not get you there but gets you there safely. The Psiphon includes the SSH, VPN and HHTP proxy technologies to provide you’re the uncensored content across the internet. Which means now you can access each website and information pages which are protected to view from a region and you can also view the blocked webpages too. Psiphon Pro is the modern way to access the uncensored content on the internet. The client of Psiphon is intelligent enough to automatically access the new access point from where you can easily bypass the censorship.

Psiphon apk is the best application to bypass the content market as censored from your campus, organization or country. Psiphon pro is designed in such a way that provides access to online blogs. It does not increase the security levels of your online privacy at all. So stay away from the point which argues you to use Psiphon apk for the online security.

Direct Free Psiphon2018 download link

To download Psiphon for android and other OS the link is given below. Note that the downloading and installation of Psiphon is truly free of any cost and it does not require any kind of signup or account log-in.



What Psiphon ProApk is for?

The Psiphonpro is the special type of free software that gives you free and easy access to all blocked knowledge on the internet. Psiphon Apk helps to make sure that internet is truly free to go place for you as it is intended to be. The Psiphon is designed and programmed in a way as it can easily break the government blocked sites and unblock all other restricted sited for you so you can visit them without any hassle at any time.

No more restriction and being blocked using Psiphon pro for mac

All of often come at the point when you face a page which has written some lines meant that the page you are trying to visit is blocked by a government or other agencies or some time you have no permission to visit it from a specific network. This could be a serious problem when you are traveling in different parts of the world of you are gathering information for specific topics. This is usually as the Govt. mostly control the information their citizens can access. But all of these restriction and security barriers will not last long in front of Psiphon. The application will effectively breach the security levels provided by the department of organization and government. Psiphon easily bypasses these restrictions and so that everyone can access the information on from all over the globe no matter what is your geographic location. The information could be any type sometimes it could be the news pages, videos, images, articles and sometimes it could be of naughtier nature.

Psiphon Pro or Psiphon 3 Pro for pc and android

Psiphon Pro or Psiphon 3 Pro is the advance and the latest version of Psiphon to run of your device. This has integrated with a new feature to give you more security and to hide your identity in a better secure way. The Psiphon 3 pro is the most used VPN in the modern time. All version of psi 3 and Psiphon 3 pro are free and of zero cost but in some cases, you need to pay a small very small amount.

The available Psiphon are listed below:

  • Psiphon 3 for Android
  • Psiphon 3 for IOS
  • Psiphon 3 for Windows
  • Psiphon 3 Pro for Android
  • Psiphon 3 Pro for IOS
  • Psiphon 3 Pro for Windows


How simple to Use Psiphon 3 Apk

The Psiphon is simple to use and psiphon3 is the new version of Psiphon with some advanced features and new methods to unblock restricted sites. Please note that although the Psiphon is free and open source software. The downloading and installation also charges free but it is illegal to use in many countries as this violates their policies. The solution has already been provided by the developers. Psiphon has a special feature from which you automatically hide your location and no one can detect your location from the network. It’s a kind of mask that so you cannot be detected at least in the system. When your identity is hidden then you can use it everywhere on the ground without limitation of borders.

Download Psiphon Apk for IOS

13 years ago the Psiphon developers introduce the apk file to run on the ios devices. The free apk of Psiphon is available not only on Google Play Store and iTunes commonly known as the apple store. Psiphon is only available on Play store for IOS devices. But it does not mean you cannot use it on your android phones. This can work on Android as it is psiphon.apk and psphon.exe files are also available in the blog. According to some users review, the Psiphon app offers free in-app purchases for thousands of apps including your favorite games.

The Psiphon for ios apk was launched after providing thousands of users to get access to their favorite apps and sites. The Psiphon sent its first ios app in a market 13 months ago on 16 August 2017 with Psiphon for ios version 1.1.0. The Psiphon for ios has completely integrated with the security and safety modules while you go online. Psiphon network will connect you to the world and with your favorite app and websites. In addition to Psiphon pro, it adds a new layer for security while using public internet connection like public Wi-Fi. This is only to protect your confidential data.



  • Download and install the Psiphon for IOS app from App Store, iTunes is the application for downloading IOS supported apps.
  • Open the Psiphon app from home screen.
  • Select the preferred location or choose Fastest Country to connect. This can be done by using the auto option too
  • Connect to the VPN. That’s it enjoy the free VPN services

Note: The iOS version of Psiphon supports on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Download Psiphon 3 apk for android

The Psiphon apk file to run on your smartphones can be downloaded from play store and the link provide here below. The app will give you same feature as it provides for the window or desktop top version and same features are also available in Psiphon apk for ios. With the Psiphon apk you can unblock all your protected apps web pages and can access the games which required age restriction.

In short, it is the service that allows you to use the internet and visit restricted content behind private IP address. Psiphon uses the best approach of changing your IP for visiting the private content in this wat you don’t only hide your identity but you also prevent yourself from external hits.



  • First of all unable installation from unknown resources, this will allow the installation from the sources other than Google Play Store

Go to Settings > Security > Device Management > toggle on Unknown Sources

  • Download the PsiPhon.APK file from above link And then locate it from the download folder
  • Click on Psiphon apk and it will automatically install within few seconds
  • Now open the Psiphon application and click on connect, this will automatically connect to most suitable and nearest VPN access point

Download Psiphon3 for Windows

The executable file which also known as setup file to run and install Psiphon 3 on your computer system is provided in this section. Download and enjoy Psiphon 3 for windows. There is hundreds of ID addresses available to assign each user which are then fetch back to assign new used on session end. The high-speed browsing is the key feature that assists you to use Psiphon. Psiphon is compatible to install on all version of windows and almost on all browsers. Just down the link and install by clicking like and ordinary software file.



  • Download the Psiphon.exe file.
  • Navigate to your Downloads folder and locate Psiphon.exc file
  • Right click or double click on .exe and run as administrator, this will install Psiphon with admin permissions
  • Proceed and complete the installation which is in easy steps

Note: All Psiphon PC versions support Windows 10/8/7/XP

What permission or user info does Psiphon 3 collects?

The Psiphon also needs to get user data and some information regarding the device. This is usually as you give permission to all devices which are running on your computer system of the mobile phone. Same apps like Psiphon them the details are given for the data Psiphon take from the device.

  • Number of email requests for client download link
  • Number of upgrades
  • How often each protocol is used, and error codes after failure
  • How often new servers are discovered
  • Session count and session duration
  • Page views (full page URLs for sponsor websites)
  • Bytes transferred
  • Number of HTTPS requests

All the data is just to support perfect working of a system the Psiphon does not collect the data regarding IP address or use account of other personal information. This also keeps all the things hidden by making your integrity unhurt. Some other information required is

Psiphon Apk Android:

  • Android version
  • Model of phone
  • Whether your phone is rooted

Psiphon for Windows:

  • Operating system version
  • Anti-virus version
  • How you’re connected to the internet (for example, if you’re using dial-up or connected via a proxy)
  • How much free memory your computer has

Goods about Psiphon

  • Free and open source software application to give your freedom on the internet
  • Lighter weight I mean small size application and easy to interact design
  • Easy installation and free download of Psiphon source file
  • No more limitation with Psiphon as it provides the unlimited us to the whole internet which is the universal network itself
  • With Psiphon you are completely secure and safe, your identity is masked and you kept a virtual location
  • Protected user integrity

Bads about Psiphon

  • The only issue that Psiphon has is the illegalness this could be the issue in some cases


The Psiphon either it is for windows, IOS or android handy devices this is the best ever VPN that unblock content for your and make you able to access al restricted content for free. From all of its versions, Psiphon 3 and Psiphon 3 pro and Psiphon pro are the most advanced and highly recommend for the personal use.